19. Januar 2008

Mehr Licht!

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Blogger extraordinaire Andrew Hammel wonders, as seemingly did Mr Schopenhauer, „whether the truly good can be recognized by the fact that they don’t go about drawing attention to their own goodness;“ commenting erudition points to Gracián and Matthew 5 and 6, who might have inspired this worthy musing. Anyway, most humble members of the Bremen elite, who wouldn’t want their youngsters to be teached Sozialkunde together with Serkan and Spyros of video star fame, heeded the advice:

Unterricht im Untergrund: Vierzehn Jahre lang haben linke Bildungsbürger in Bremen eine illegale Schule betrieben. Dann kamen die Sozialdemokraten dahinter. (Teaching underground: for fourteen years left-wing intelligentsia operated an illegal school in Bremen. Then Social Democrats found out.)

Heck, who needs to spit in one’s baby’s mouth, as supposedly some barbarians do, when going underground proves much more effective when conveying one’s characteristics to the offspring. Those 40% of Bremen’s offspring lacking
mihigru, that is. Though Matthew has the Lord telling us not to do our alms before men, he also admonishes not to put our candle under the bushel. Maybe those caring hypocrites should have put it right on a candlestick with flourishes, as this giveth light unto all that are in the house.


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