18. September 2009

You Just Can’t Make That Up

Filed under: english posts,Islam — by Marek Möhling @ 22:27:41

The Times: Islamic search engine ImHalal hailed a success

The world’s first „Islamic orientated“ internet search engine, which
flags content that might be considered „haraam“ – or forbidden – by
Muslims, has been hailed a success by its creators after it attracted
more than 500,000 users in its first two weeks on the web. has been designed to „help Muslims explore the internet in a safe and clean environment“, according to Reza Sardeha, the 20-year-old business management student who runs it.

Islamic rocket science is for everybody to profit:

Mr Sardeha, who is based in Amsterdam, told The Times: „We already have received quite a number of positive feedback from Non-Muslims saying they have set as their homepage so that their children can explore the internet without coming across ‘filth’ as well.“

Anyway, let’s assume that nobody will get hurt by this display of prowess and good thinking. Physically, that is.


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