26. September 2009

A Beauty and the Beast

Filed under: english posts,Islam — by Marek Möhling @ 19:46:09
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A young Romanian, remarkable any which way. And she’s pissed. For once, thank God for EU enlargement. Give the video some minutes to grow on you.

More of the same. There’s luv for creationists, too. Feminism? STFU is not an option for a gal with gall and cojones. So you thought they don’t mak’em anymore like that? Wrongo, bozo.

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Her video on US creationist Kirk Cameron just got „posted on modfkkin Huff Post,“ she twitters–overly bright they are not. Scienceblogs has noted her, too: „This is hardly a fair fight. Cristina has about ten times the brains of Kirk.“ „Kirk Cameron has a brain?“ one commenter wonders. She’s also got a blog: Precocious is the word you’re looking for.


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