24. August 2015

NZ: causing someone „emotional distress“? Cough up up to NZ$50,000.

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digital communications causing “serious emotional distress” are as of now subject to an escalating regime that starts as “negotiation, mediation or persuasion” but reaches up to creating the offences of not complying with an order, and “causing harm by posting digital communication”.

The most serious offenders would face two years in jail or a maximum fine of NZ$50,000 (US$33,900).


it passed by a 116-to-5 vote in New Zealand’s parliament

Even more unbelievably, 4 of the 5 nays came from the Greens–credit where credit is due.

Gareth Hughes, one of the four Greens MPs to vote against the bill, said it was overly broad and “risks limiting our freedom of expression”.

Indeed. Anyway, there’s light at the end of the tunnel:

The regime will be enforced by a yet-to-be-established agency that will make contact with publishers and social media platforms, and if it can’t resolve a complaint, the agency will be able to escalate it to the district court.

So, plum post aplenty for lawyers and liberal arts majors. Who would’ve thunk?


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