30. Dezember 2016

When the Neandertals left, they left us their best

We find that immune-responsive regulatory variants are enriched in population-specific signals of natural selection and show that admixture with Neandertals introduced regulatory variants into European genomes, affecting preferentially responses to viral challenges. Together, our study uncovers evolutionarily important determinants of differences in host immune responsiveness between human populations.

This is, of course, a #hatefact derived from #hatescience, as it helps to save lives through medical research but makes the very best of us feel miserable about themselves. It also foils their little racket funneling tax money to #socialengineering predicated on the premise that  there are no differences between populations* and if so they must be eradicated by funneling tax money to social engineering till they go away which they don’t. That scheme combining the beauty of a Rube Goldberg machine with the economic miracle of the perpetuum mobile–an inspired clusterf*ck of usefulness and, ugh, usefulness till the host is dead.

* which we must call populations if we must call them anything at all unless we celebrate their diversity and even then we should watch our language as a racket worth its salt needs muscle and protection

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