30. November 2016

Less Is More

Steve Sailer mentioned this a while ago in passing–personal assistants are the new butlers to the progressive elite that’d be ashamed to go for the real deal. Like a majordomo these assistants render personal services and delegate menial tasks to the real new servant class, say Mexican pool boys or Ukrainian nannies. US elites eschew the traditional black servant nowadays, blacks resenting such jobs increasingly as being a reminder of past days of shame, their mostly non-black non-employers feeling something similar, though not exactly the same. Black crime rates aren’t lost on them, not at all, though being studiously ignored publicly. The likes of Steve Jobs or Madonna have (or did have) a tendency to work those horses, they don’t want to get too attached, and they wouldn’t want them to get too attached to their jobs.


28. August 2010

On Analogies, Racism, and Things More Egregious

re: this wikipaedic heap of good and righteous thinking: Israel and the apartheid analogy

The ANC’s AIDS denialism claimed several hundred thousand of lives, on top of other hundred thousands, mostly Matabele, killed or starved to death by Mr Mugabe’s Shona power base–that Mr being ANC South Africa’s protegé, that finances Zimbabwes‘ economy almost on its own and backs it at the UN and OAU whenever it can. So the comparison to the Apartheid state, who killed about 2.000 in the course of the 40 years of its existence is unwarranted, even for those who have an axe to grind–ironically, for those in particular; a comparison to the ANC would be far more egregious.

anti-racist pacifist action

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