24. April 2018

Diversity in Europe

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> Pretty sure I didn’t though

I wrote that English, German and Scandinavians are closely related culturally, socially, religiously, and ethnically–that doesn’t make them the „same ethnicity“, neither in my words or reality. As for the still existing differences I’m pretty sure that I’m better informed than you’ll ever be–as it seems that goes for English semantics, too.

> can’t seem to give an example of a
> low diversity yet prosperous nation.

Nonsense, we both mentioned Japan already, they’re 98.5% Japanese according to official stats. Iceland and Finland are still around 94% mono-ethnic, what little non-Scandinavian diversity they have came in the last decades only–you could find that on your own given serious intent! Almost the same for Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, (Germans, French, and Italians sitting in their own Cantons, mostly not bothering to learn each other’s languages). For the last time–all of this goes for most Western nations, too–what non-European diversity they have came post-war, mostly after the 70ies.

30% of German Turks didn’t finish school, 48% are unemployed, (75% and 50% of Berlin’s Turks respectively) 54% of students with migrant background perform badly at school. Almost the same or even worse in all EU countries with Muslim immigrants, whether Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi. Pretty much the same for the 197 million Muslims of India, btw, though they have been living there for centuries, many being the descendants of the former rulers. You’d be hard pressed to make the case that we own our prosperity to Muslim or any non-European immigration, ever, unless you go back to prehistory. Arguably, Overseas Anglos profited from Chinese immigration, but they are no fools and shun Muslim-crazed EU, they’re not thrilled by the few they have themselves.

I’ll block you if you
a) misreprersent my words
b) say something dumb
ever again.


5. April 2018

Sometimes, only dead gays are good gays, particularly to progressives

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Let’s recapitulate:

  1. progressistas first spin this as a homophobic attack
    1. …so the peasants don’t get restless by more Muslim #diversity through immigration
    2. …to milk the dead for all they’re worth to comfort their second-favourite-most victim group in the democrat-voting coalition of the fringes

Now, after two years of careful consideration and tons of facts about the nature of the massacre having been present right away for any non-corrupt non-ReligionOfPeace-keeper, progressistas decide to concede the obvious by painting the broken spin as a case of domestic abuse and bigotry, making lemonade of lemons. Well played–thank god for our reputable, perceptive, and progressive journalists and scholars.



Tit or Tat

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@Steve_Sailer often mentions it–importing and educating a new elite managerial class that in the foreseeable future rules, ugh, manages the rest of the nation that is ethnically distinct is a recipe for resentment that social engineering can’t amend. Arguably it’s much better than importing illiterates like in Europe but still. Muslim Malays in Singapore aren’t to happy about the Chinese ruling with an iron fist and velvet gloves, but the Chinese in South East Asia will never ever again allow being massacred like it happened in the 60ies–both parties have a point. Whether Harvard discriminates or not, it’s sitting between a rock and a hard place.

Then again, if the corrupt and authoritarian enforce the mass immigration of people from corrupt and authoritarian countries because they like themselves a brave new multicultural, multiethnic, multireligious corrupt, and/or authoritarian future,* as it happens with multicultural, multiethnic, an multireligious societies by default, these bugs may well be features.

* Singapore if you’re lucky, Brazil or South Africa if you aren’t. If you’re rich enough you don’t need to care all that much about where you take your gated residence and an unfavourable Gini index is only unfavourable to others.



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