22. April 2018

Bildung und Immigration in Deutschland

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Nach 50 Jahren islamischer Migration haben 20% aller Deutschtürken keinen Schulabschluss, (in Berlin sind es 75%!), 48% sind arbeitslos, (in Berlin sind es 50%!) haben 54% aller bis Kinder mit Migrationshintergrund katastrophale Schulleistungen, sind 20% aller Viertklässler funktionale Analphabeten (in Berlin sind es zwei Drittel aller Drittklässler!), das alles trotz fast jährlich steigender Sozial- und Bildungsausgaben. Zustände wie im Kaiserreich vor 150 Jahren und die Katastrophe geht ungebremst weiter, obergrenzenlos.

In Frankreich wurde bereits 2015 der Staatsnotstand ausgerufen, letzte Ostern mussten die Kirchen mit 70.000 Polizisten geschützt werden.

Wie tröstlich ist da doch der steuern- und spendenfinanzierte Agitprop. Wir brauchen dringend mehr davon, obergrenzenlos. Es tut ja fast gar nicht weh.

In Frankreich wurde bereits 2015 der Staatsnotstand ausgerufen, letzte Ostern mussten die Kirchen mit 70.000 Polizisten geschützt werden.

Wie tröstlich ist da doch der steuern- und spendenfinanzierte Agitprop. Wir brauchen dringend mehr davon, obergrenzenlos. Es tut ja fast gar nicht weh.!5176721;m



19. April 2018

re monoethnic societies

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> monoethnic society
There is no such thing, even Japan has some millions Koreans, Burakumin, Ainu and others, may be North Korea comes close. For the sake of expediency I use the…

(text at

…label multicultural/multiethnic/religious which implies only verbally an monocultural opposite.

In practice there are no such platonic ideals, only approximations on a spectrum–on one side countries like Brazil, India, South Africa, the Balkans, most African or Muslim states, and many other South American countries who are either considerably corrupt, authoritarian, (by Western standards) or unequal (cf GINI index)

At the other extreme are Western countries with ethnic/cultural majorities between maybe 80-99% (eg ~80% whites in the USA, in EU mostly ~99%) till the 70/80ies, when the oligarchs began pushing mass immigration from the third world. There are commonly accepted indices for corruption, authoritarian structures, and inequality, the distribution is known and not disputed. I won’t make individual data based comparisons between eg Serbia and the Netherlands or Brazil and Japan to prove that one set is badly governed, that’s IMO pointless.


Immigration in Europe, Cont.

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From among the so called refugees in Germany since 2015 only a few percent attended (officially obligatory) language courses or learned a trade, we got the worst of the worst. The Turks that came from ca 1967-73 were labourers of acceptable diligence though mostly lacking education. They came bc of a sordid deal, Turkey was an important NATO-alley at the time and demanded it, they got backing by the US. The German industry used the unforeseen opportunity to delay costly modernisation, the used them as stoop labourers for dirty work with outdated machinery.

Many farmers in eg US/FR/IT/ES still employ stoop labour, too, to fend off costs for modern machinery, also, some crops still need manual labour–Mexicans/Latinos do this in the US and in Spain, North Africans in EU. Other industries are construction, gastronomy and menial many services like hair dressers, taxi drivers, etc. Employers of low grade manual labour skim off the best and foist the many unemployables on the taxpayer–privatising profits of globalisation and socialising costs. On top of that there are many other ways for private businesses to profit from illicit rip-offs using migrants, that’s a sideline of the immensely corrupt welfare sector.

The interest groups above (there are others…) profess

a) we need workers
b) open borders as a moral cause

for obvious reasons. On top of that even migrants on welfare are consumers whose expenses get paid by taxes–practically subsidies for those industries (consumer goods) and service providers (housing, medical services, communication, TV etc) that care for them.

On top of all that come ideological interests of the new left and tactical/strategical interests of the EU bureaucracy and the corporate sector–both oligarchies want to do away with the nation state for different reasons, so they elect themselves a new people without loyalty to the old social order.

Another interest group are the new minorities who distrust majorities for many reasons.  (and vice versa) Particularly if they come from clan-based societies they tend to prefer minority rule like in Syria (Shiites and other non-Sunnies rule over the Sunni majority) or Iraq. (under Saddam Sunnies and other minorities did rule over the Shia majority) The can’t help but to Balkanise society–that’s why they are so useful for the corrupt left and the oligarchs. Even worse, they’re backed by their countries of origin who want to expand into Europe.

On illiterate and semi-illiterate tribal idiocy

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I don’t advocate for a monocultural or mono-ethnic state, that doesn’t follow just bc I oppose a multicultural new order. I support the nation-state as it developed in Europe in the last 400 years or so with democracy, rule of law, parliament, and individual freedoms unparalleled elsewhere. These nation states have some minorities due to historic contingencies–democracy, rule of law etc ensuring that they get treated decently. A rational immigration policy as in Australia or NZ ensures that things stay as they are–open borders for illiterate and semi-illiterate tribal idiocy do not. Only corrupt shysters will insinuate that the nation-state is the precursor of national-socialism and authoritarian rule.

The Welfare State of the New German Reich

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It’s not much better in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Spain. In France it’s possibly even worse already they openly declared the state of emergency in 2015, this Eastern ~70.000 police and gendarmes were needed to protect the churches. Also, I think it’s mostly about the money. The German gov has allotted 94 billion € till 2020 to care for ~1.6 million ‚refugees‘. It’s customary for social expenses over here that ~20% get paid directly while the rest remains with the institutions as wages and fees for the helpers. Basically, the helpees help helpers to help themselves. Also, we’ve got around 20 millions of folks with ‚immigration background‘ (German legalese) by now, so we’re spending two figure billions each year on refugees and three figure billions on immigrants. Over two million Germans work for the welfare sector, one third of MPs does, too–it’s both the biggest employer and lobbyist that we have.

In other countries the economic interests are different–US corporations love to import cheap Indian or Chinese tech workers on fake H-1B visas, while construction, agriculture and other labour intensive sectors value cheap labour with poor qualifications. The latter applies to agriculture in Spain and France, too. I guess the ideological superstructure of open borders and diversity is mostly feed for the dummies.

The Economist is owned by billionaires who are likely to have invested their fortunes in shares, ie they own the means of production in Marxist terminology. It’s in their interest to export jobs to low wage regions and to import cheap labour in return. Open borders as a supposedly moral obligation of Western nations is the convenient icing for their cake–they can’t be frank with us, can they?

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13. April 2018

No Pain, no Gain!

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Screenshot-2018-4-13 Twitter.png

Lets see–Moroccan non-Aryan Farid Bang and his Aryan friend Felix Blume aka Kollegah („homie“) diss the Jews. The blond beast turned wigger had previously converted to Islam to gain the little respect a member of the resident population can get among new German übermenschs given the new German demography. Enter Mr Mounk from the Tony Blair Institute for open democracy and open borders: all of that is being a plot by nazigermans to get away with what they wanted all along anyway in a new disguise. Mr Mounk is very upset. It seems.

Incidentally, I think that has a ring to it, Mr Mounk has a point, for once. These nazigermans aren’t many but they call the shots. Even more incidentally, they don’t actually run around with swastika armbands bc that’s not popular with greens, social democrats, liberals, conservatives, and other progressives. Also, as the Bundestag has allotted 94 billion € till 2020 to care for 1.6 million shiny new Germans of which the helpers get around 80% for wages and fees while the helpees get the rest in cash and cashworthy goodies, it’s not really about sticking it to the Jews–that’s a cushy collateral so to speak–it’s about the moolah, those 94 billions being the tip of the iceberg. Plus, there’s the many, many, many, many, many intangibles and unspeakables the Tony Blair institutionalists do want so badly for themselves. And all of humanity, of course.

Now, what’s really, really, really, really, really, really fiendishly interesting is that both the nazigerman willkommensmulticulturalists *and* Tony Blair’s willing executioners have a solution to these, ugh, problems–more Muslims to teach those naziracist old Germans new German ways; shove some caring globalism up their Nazi asses, yes siree! Mr Mounk, you’re a treasure. Given your recent switch of-what-doesn’t-matter-anyway-anymore-and-did-it-really-ever our loss is America’s gain–that shiny new citizen will do a lot of good to his, ugh, co-citizens! …as will Farid Bang and his many, many, many, many friends to come. Heil #diversity!



1. April 2018

50 years of Muslim immigration

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  1. 20% of German Turks didn’t finish school (
  2. in Berlin it’s 75% (
  3. 20% of all German fourth-graders can’t read and write properly, they’re functional analphabets (
  4. in Berlin it’s 2/3rds of third-graderss (
  5. 54% of 15-years olds who are first generation migrants fare very poorly at school. (
  6. After 4 years in Germany only half of the so called refugees pass a basic language training, most didn’t begin a vocational training. (

Last time it was that bad was with the Kaiser about 150 years ago. All of that though spending for social issues and education has risen almost every year for the last 70 years, and even though most Turks have been living here since generations.

30. November 2016

Less Is More

Steve Sailer mentioned this a while ago in passing–personal assistants are the new butlers to the progressive elite that’d be ashamed to go for the real deal. Like a majordomo these assistants render personal services and delegate menial tasks to the real new servant class, say Mexican pool boys or Ukrainian nannies. US elites eschew the traditional black servant nowadays, blacks resenting such jobs increasingly as being a reminder of past days of shame, their mostly non-black non-employers feeling something similar, though not exactly the same. Black crime rates aren’t lost on them, not at all, though being studiously ignored publicly. The likes of Steve Jobs or Madonna have (or did have) a tendency to work those horses, they don’t want to get too attached, and they wouldn’t want them to get too attached to their jobs.

6. April 2016

The Central Comitee of the European People’s Republic

…declares the abolition of its people:

Frans Timmermans, Dutch diplomat and Vice-President of the European Commission

Speech in the EU Fundamental Rights Colloquium 2015


Diversity is now in some parts of Europe seen as a threat. Diversity comes with challenges but diversity is humanity’s destiny. There is not going to be, even in the remotest places of this planet, a nation that will not see diversity in it’s future. That’s where humanity is heading and those politicians trying to sell to their electorates a society that is exclusively composed of one culture are trying to portray a future based on a past that never existed–therefore that future will never be. Europe will be diverse, like all other parts of the world will be diverse, the only question is how do we deal with that diversity–and my answer to that is: By ensuring that our values determine how we deal with diversity, and not giving up our values to refuse diversity–that will bring us down as a society. If we don’t get this right, I truly believe, Europe will not remain the Europe we built; Europe will not remain the place of peace and freedom for very long.

German translation:

Vielfalt wird derzeit in einigen Teilen von Europa als Bedrohung angesehen. Vielfalt bringt Herausforderungen mit sich, aber Vielfalt ist das Schicksal der Menschheit. Auch in den entlegensten Orten dieses Planeten wird es keine Nation geben, deren Zukunft nicht in der Vielfalt liegt. Dorthin strebt die Menschheit und diejenigen Politiker, die ihrer Wählerschaft eine Gesellschaft zu verkaufen versuchen, die ausschließlich aus einer Kultur besteht, versuchen eine Zukunft zu beschreiben, die auf einer Vergangenheit gründet, die es niemals gab – deswegen wird es diese Zukunft nie geben. Europa wird vielfältig sein, so wie alle anderen Teile der Welt vielfältig sein werden, die einzige Frage ist, wie wir diese Vielfalt handhaben – und meine Antwort darauf ist: Dadurch dass wir sicher stellen, dass unsere Werte bestimmen, wie wir mit Vielfalt umgehen, und dadurch dass wir unsere Werte nicht aufgeben indem wir Vielfalt ablehnen – das würde uns als Gesellschaft zerstören. Wenn uns dies nicht richtig gelingt, das glaube ich wirklich, wird Europa nicht das Europa bleiben, dass wir aufgebaut haben; dann wird Europa nicht mehr lang der Ort des Friedens und der Freiheit bleiben.


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