9. Juni 2018

Jordan Peterson, again

Filed under: english posts,Jordan Peterson — by M. M. @ 16:24:46

…still, I’ve no problem seeing Peterson as a political ally with sound instincts though he’s a crank personally, I take that as a not wholly uncharming eccentricity. I’d laugh to his face if he told me about his esoteric stuff, I’d notice and tell of the rhetoric sleights he uses to expound on it slyly without holding much of a grudge. I pity the fools that follow him as fanatics but to me he’s a tangential political ally, forceful and PR savvy, which is very good and useful, though there’s the odd quirk–against the oligarchy beggars can’t be choosers. If I wanted to rely only on people that are 100% ok that’d be a midget-sized army, the Joe Blows on earth are nuts* and intellectually pedestrian anyway, yet I’ve to side with them.

* when I argue with them on things I feel they don’t get many resort to a peasant’s cunning, sometimes with a big grin, I just shrug my shoulders and pop a beer open, gotta be a sport, I’m nuts, too.


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