3. April 2018

Rent-seekers and Sociopaths

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Rent-seekers are sociopaths or at least behave like it for obvious reasons–they make offers they don’t want their patsies to be able to refuse. Patsy No 1: the taxpayer, preferably white, as he pays the most taxes in absolute numbers and has lost his mojo after WWI and II. DZvHi4rUMAAiXux.jpg

The archetypal approach in its most basic form: a man bumps into another on purpose in a dark lit back alley. He fixes his gaze on the victim and puts the blame on him: „are you lookin‘ at me?!“ If the victim reacts intimidated that’s the desired signal for all else to follow, either humiliation, theft, a beating, or rape.

All other forms of rent-seeking follow the same pattern: projection, blame-shifting, testing resistance, extortion. The taxpayer is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, Islamophobic, colonialist, imperialist, nationalist, populist, judgemental, a right-wing identitarian, a fat-shamer, an ageist, a speciest or what-so-ever shit-studied shysters will come up with when the latest fad wears off and the goalpost needs to be shifted.

h/t @SteveStuWill


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