2. Mai 2018

On Crap

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If I think that ~99% of (…social) science is crap, that will apply to its theoretical framework, too. If Rose, Kamin, Lewontin are wilfully misrepresenting research so social engineers can engineer away inequality endlessly to extract rents from the state and donors, both deluded and/or corrupt, I’m not likely to value their contributions to any branch of science, real or imaginary.

Also, to make that clear, I’m not interested in the practice of pseudo-intellectual self-indulgence. The corrupt have discovered that by importing themselves the helpless, dumb, and corrupt they can corrupt the present order of society and economy, making a livelihood for themselves in the act pretending to help and care. I want this to stop. Full stop. Just this. Once they stop they can circle-jerk in their mom’s basement or faculty dorms to their heart’s content as long as they provide for their expenses by flipping burgers or whatever it is they actually can contribute in the real world.

(sorry for being so rude as you always remain civil, but I’m having quite enough of these shenanigans)


30. Dezember 2016

When the Neandertals left, they left us their best

We find that immune-responsive regulatory variants are enriched in population-specific signals of natural selection and show that admixture with Neandertals introduced regulatory variants into European genomes, affecting preferentially responses to viral challenges. Together, our study uncovers evolutionarily important determinants of differences in host immune responsiveness between human populations.

This is, of course, a #hatefact derived from #hatescience, as it helps to save lives through medical research but makes the very best of us feel miserable about themselves. It also foils their little racket funneling tax money to #socialengineering predicated on the premise that  there are no differences between populations* and if so they must be eradicated by funneling tax money to social engineering till they go away which they don’t. That scheme combining the beauty of a Rube Goldberg machine with the economic miracle of the perpetuum mobile–an inspired clusterf*ck of usefulness and, ugh, usefulness till the host is dead.

* which we must call populations if we must call them anything at all unless we celebrate their diversity and even then we should watch our language as a racket worth its salt needs muscle and protection

see also

Genetic Ancestry and Natural Selection Drive Population Differences in Immune Responses to Pathogens

9. September 2015

No Shit–Women get better funding in Social, uhm, Sciences

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From The Onion:

The Sciences Where Women Get as Much Funding as Men

Previous studies have found a significant gender gap in funding for scientific research. No real surprise there—it’s part of a persistent inequality in science academia that manifests itself in massively male-dominated publications, pitifully low representation of women in STEM fields, and insidious gender bias directed to those who do make it through the door.

But a new study in Nature found one area where distribution of funding, at least, isn’t so unfair: social sciences.

“We think that social sciences have been very cognizant of gender and feminist issues for rather long,” said Boyle. “Obviously social sciences is where a lot of this research is undertaken, and has been for decades.”

Just joking, it’s „Nature“, via

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