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Doctors: „Somalis have an IQ of 70“
Aftonbladet examines the network of those who will save lives and care for the sick

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Here, Aftonbladet’s reporter confronts the doctor
NEWSLoor 05 Mar 2016

Somali’s IQ is at 70, claiming a 61-year-old doctor.

He believes that Somali patients would have confidence in him even if they knew what he wrote on Avpixlat:

„If a light-minded person can have it, they may have it.

NOTE! This article from March 2016 has recently received new dissemination in social media. It is part of a major review of racism in care, which you can read more about here.

Aftonbladet’s review of Swedish health professionals‘ racist comments on the internet shows that two doctors anonymously claim that people with immigrant backgrounds are less intelligent.

A 47-year-old surgeon writes the following comment on Avpixlat in 2012:

„Apparently, our politicians have already begun adapting to the current iQ level in Somalia, ie around 70. Or, when I think, enough bunch of Somalia would raise the level of the congregation.“ In another post, he writes that „Islam is an acquired mental illness“.
„Melted Psychically Badly“

The surgeon does not want to meet Aftonbladet. He responds via email to our questions:

– I had read about different IQ among populations and that in Somalia there were about 68. I then had, 2012, embarrassingly the perception that it was an accepted statistic. I have now seen several sources where it seems that those who published this are not affectionate, but nationalist driven.

What do you mean that Islam is an acquired mental illness?

„I’m having trouble for religions in general but I do not recognize that I’ve written so. If I have done that, I’m ashamed of it.

Do you give the same care to Somali patients as to other patients?

„Even when I was as“ frustrated „, I can say with a good conscience that I treated my patients fairly, according to each individual’s needs. I really despised myself if I had not done this.

– During the period these comments were written, I felt mentally bad, with a very busy work schedule combined with family problems. I felt I was insufficient, failed and did not like myself myself. When I understood the negative spiral I entered, I requested six months‘ leave to „become a better person.“ I was free in 2014. It was a big change in life, writes the superintendent.
„I only note the facts“

The 61-year-old doctor writes on Avpixlat, also in 2012:

„IQ among those newly immigrated is in line with what is considered to be easy mental disability in combination with 10-20% higher testosterone levels.“

The same year he writes in the free time commentary field:

„The majority of Somalis do not do anything but chew cats and crimes.“

In a discussion about a Fraud in Borås, which is referred to on the site Exposed 2013, the doctor claims that if someone has been stabbed in the back, it is the Arabs behind. Or as he writes:

„Back = a **** r ….“

When Aftonbladet confronts the doctor outside the hospital where he works, he defends the comment of easily-minded newly-immigrants:

– I only note the facts. If you look at the investigations Tatu Vanhanen and so on have done, IQ in Somalia is around 70. I only find that in Sweden, IQ is considered around 70 as easy-minded.

Do you treat Somali patients like Swedish?

– Obvious.

You insinuate that if someone gets a knife in the back then it’s Arabs behind. You write the „back = Arabs“.

– No, I’ve never written that.

Yes you have.

– There’s nothing I can remind you of anyway.

Do you think somalis would trust you as a doctor if they knew what you wrote?

– Yes, I think so well. If a light-minded person can have it, they may have it.

You do not think it sounds racist when you claim that Somalis have an IQ of 70?

– That’s the fact.

Is it the fact that all Somalis smoke cat and commit to crime?

– No, it was a sweeping wording. But many do it and many engage in crime.

So you continue to write such things?

– Of course, that’s the facts.

Are there more groups than the Somalis who have low IQ?

– All sub-Saharan people have the lower IQ. In all surveys they are around 70.

And the Swedes, what are they on?

– 102.
„Extremely inappropriate“

Monika Orski, chairman of Mensa Sweden – a society that organizes intelligent people – says that the allegation of Somali’s IQ around 70 is „completely unreasonable“:

„It’s simply not true,“ says Orski.

Heidi Stensmyren, Chairman of the Medical Association, reacts strongly when she hears the doctor’s statement that somalis are easily minded:

– It’s an extremely statement, extremely inappropriate.

Yakoub Aden, senior physician at the Deputy Center Stockholm and former chairman of the Somali National Association, laughs when he hears the statements from two Swedish doctors about somalis:

– It is ridiculous. It’s a racist attitude, people who just want to smuggle somalis.

Can they keep their jobs?

– Absolutely not. It is impossible for them to treat Somalis when they have the attitude that Somalis are low-skilled.

What do you say about the statement that the majority somalier chew cat?

– Many chews cat, but it is a lie to say that all Somalis chew cat.

The doctor also writes „cost what it wants; more blacks, more heterogeneity, more fragmentation. The people who control the western world / Sweden are shameful in human nature, drives and differences in culture and intelligence.“

„It’s purely racist. Multiculturalism can contribute to cultural, human and developmental wealth. I do not see that multiculturalism can lead to destruction of society, „says Yakoub Aden.


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