13. April 2018

No Pain, no Gain!

Screenshot-2018-4-13 Twitter.png

Lets see–Moroccan non-Aryan Farid Bang and his Aryan friend Felix Blume aka Kollegah („homie“) diss the Jews. The blond beast turned wigger had previously converted to Islam to gain the little respect a member of the resident population can get among new German übermenschs given the new German demography. Enter Mr Mounk from the Tony Blair Institute for open democracy and open borders: all of that is being a plot by nazigermans to get away with what they wanted all along anyway in a new disguise. Mr Mounk is very upset. It seems.

Incidentally, I think that has a ring to it, Mr Mounk has a point, for once. These nazigermans aren’t many but they call the shots. Even more incidentally, they don’t actually run around with swastika armbands bc that’s not popular with greens, social democrats, liberals, conservatives, and other progressives. Also, as the Bundestag has allotted 94 billion € till 2020 to care for 1.6 million shiny new Germans of which the helpers get around 80% for wages and fees while the helpees get the rest in cash and cashworthy goodies, it’s not really about sticking it to the Jews–that’s a cushy collateral so to speak–it’s about the moolah, those 94 billions being the tip of the iceberg. Plus, there’s the many, many, many, many, many intangibles and unspeakables the Tony Blair institutionalists do want so badly for themselves. And all of humanity, of course.

Now, what’s really, really, really, really, really, really fiendishly interesting is that both the nazigerman willkommensmulticulturalists *and* Tony Blair’s willing executioners have a solution to these, ugh, problems–more Muslims to teach those naziracist old Germans new German ways; shove some caring globalism up their Nazi asses, yes siree! Mr Mounk, you’re a treasure. Given your recent switch of-what-doesn’t-matter-anyway-anymore-and-did-it-really-ever our loss is America’s gain–that shiny new citizen will do a lot of good to his, ugh, co-citizens! …as will Farid Bang and his many, many, many, many friends to come. Heil #diversity!




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