21. April 2018


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> You seem to be jumping back and forth between ethnicity and race.

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I wrote about societal structures and its indices. You may assume that I see correlations and causations regarding ethnicity and race but I hardly was „jumping back and forth“ between these topics, that’s a misrepresentation.

> amazingly ethnically diverse

The settlers that built the US institutions for centuries where almost exclusively English and German, with a smattering of Scots and Scandinavians. Peoples that raided each other and later traded and interbred with each other for 2000 years, closely related culturally, socially, religiously, and ethnically. No Arabs, Chinese, Muslims, Hindus, or even South or East Europeans from across the Hajnal line–they would profit later from what the settlers built. The few blacks and Indians had no bearing whatsoever on the particular US way of structuring law, trade, parliament, and federal/state relations. Nothing amazingly „diverse“ there, as today’s new interest groups would like to relabel it–Northern Europeans with a particular bent on individualism and industry doing their thing. Cavaliers from the South who did things a bit differently got their brains bashed in and their societal quirks upended by the Yankees.

We find „amazing ethnic diversity“ in Brazil, South Africa, or the Balkans, not my cup of tea though corrupt and power-drunk oligarchs like it: Manchester capitalism all over, employers and share owners ruling supreme with Mickey Mouse governance. The best the West can hope for is the Singapore multicultural model–authoritarian rule by the dominant group but no corruption and a thriving economy. Even that isn’t to my liking and with mass immigration from Muslim, Latin, and African countries we won’t even have that


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