This blog is dormant, presently, I use it as a scrap book of sorts that I can link to from Facebook (English/German) or Twitter (only in English, banned in Germany…) if needed, so entries are rather incoherent, you may want to check out my blogroll instead. I’m a programmer in Berlin royally peeved by the structural corruption in Western countries, many aspects of globalisation are part of that. Former leftie, now liberal mugged by reality. As a result my social media activities became a pain in a**, I’m only in it anymore to defend my interests. Preferably I engage in rational debate if the people I deal with are amenable to it, else it’s open season if I find the time; polemics, sarcasm, jokes, whatever, sometimes that helps.


Ceterum censeo, I hold these truths to be self-evident: (sorry to be a bore, repetitive, and materialist)

  1. Progressives and the billionaire donor class export jobs while importing cheap labour, voters, and welfare pets. (To be petted at taxpayer’s expense by said progressives) As rent-seekers are high functioning sociopaths they label their victims as being racist, bigot, and selfish.
  2. IQ differences between populations delegitimize endless tax-based social engineering to enforce equal outcomes aka „social justice.“ Social engineers and shit-studied shysters have strong opinions on this.
  3. Western academics rose from being ~1% to ~40% of the population in the last 100 years–societies rightly thought that only 1% where smart enough to become scientists. Nowadays the non-1% fight meritocracy, demand jobs and tenure according to whatever pretext postmodern shit-studies can come up with.

As not everybody is on the oligarch’s payroll they increasingly encounter resistance. Sorry about that. Progressive-regressives can’t be dealt with effectively unless their economic interests are made clear 24/7, as boring and intellectually unattractive that may be. Engaging one on one with the sophistry they get paid to crank out just adds to the noise, it distracts and exhausts.

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