21. April 2018

Inbreeding II

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> So when you refer to those countries and religions ‘inbreeding’ you’re only talking about when cousins mate. Right?

That’s the most common form, particularly in Muslim countries that had been Arabised culturally through conquest or trade. Among them marrying your father’s nieces is the most common form by far as it helps preserving the clan’s resources in patrilineal line. I understand that this practice is genetically particularly detrimental. The preferred scientific choice of words is consanguineous marriage which is a mouthful, „inbreeding“ gets understood by everyone–I don’t mince my words anymore.


20. April 2018


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Inbreeding is a defined medical and social problem.[1] If two white Europeans (or pink Africans, green Muslims or polka-dotted Ashkenasim) mate with their cousins…


…that’s inbreeding and bears a small risk for the health of their children. If their families do that for centuries, as eg the Hapsburgs did in Europe (see pictures below) and as is the norm for 30-60% of families in eg Islamic countries these risks compound massively with results as in Morocco cited above. I wish them all the best bc their pain is not my gain but I want these people do deal with that without bothering me.

What’s funny is that increasingly they deal with this openly and rationally, cf [2]. If we suggested they do what they increasingly are actually doing–checking genetically for inbreeding and aborting affected foetuses–that would be labelled as racist and social Darwinist by the new left. Thanks but no thanks.

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