28. August 2010

On Analogies, Racism, and Things More Egregious

re: this wikipaedic heap of good and righteous thinking: Israel and the apartheid analogy

The ANC’s AIDS denialism claimed several hundred thousand of lives, on top of other hundred thousands, mostly Matabele, killed or starved to death by Mr Mugabe’s Shona power base–that Mr being ANC South Africa’s protegé, that finances Zimbabwes‘ economy almost on its own and backs it at the UN and OAU whenever it can. So the comparison to the Apartheid state, who killed about 2.000 in the course of the 40 years of its existence is unwarranted, even for those who have an axe to grind–ironically, for those in particular; a comparison to the ANC would be far more egregious.

anti-racist pacifist action

There’s more to it. (more…)


27. August 2010

Taboos Taking their Toll: Inbred Discourse

Former German politician turned Bundesbanker Thilo Sarrazin (G) gets a lot of flak lately. Among other things unpalatable to sensitive minders of other folk’s business, he allegedly supports eugenics and openly criticises consanguineous marriages among Muslim immigrants, as that would strain the health system excessively. While that is a scandal among the wardens of public discourse, no such qualms in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Reports The National:

first cousins, newlywed

screening urged to avoid risks of consanguinous unions–Recent talk about the regulation of Emirati marriages could have positive health implications for future generations.

At a majlis on Sunday evening, religious and community leaders discussed the idea of regulating marriages. Among the proposed regulations was the idea of screening couples for hereditary diseases. However, proposed restrictions for Emiratis marrying foreigners could also limit the gene pool. (more…)

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