14. Mai 2018

White trash

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Nick Rafter, @NRafter:
No, it’s not that they hate themselves, They feel protected from the worst of misogyny by being close to the source. Sort of like Serena Joy in The Handmaid’s Tale. Don’t forget, 53% of white women voted for a man who admitted to sexually assaulting white women.

Marek Möhling:
> a man who admitted to sexually assaulting white women

What disingenuous, half-brained crêpe. Trump bragged that he, being rich and famous *gets* to grab p*ussies. Most self-respecting male rock stars said and did the same, the grabbees having a name: groupies. He implied that he fondled consenting adults–that he didn’t is the most uncharitable interpretation, a rhetorical sleight of hands by progtard brainiacs. As such you may not like the attitude, you may argue that it’s „sexist“ or „misogynist,“ but you may not make stuff up.

So 53% of white women that you detest so much for being white humans of a kind that’s inferior to you and your equally white ilk did not vote for a man who admitted to sexually assaulting white women.

If you need to despise women who like 50 shades of patriarchal repression very much, thank you, check women in Muslim or African countries, where rates of female genital mutilation go up to 98% of female pop like in Somalia.

Any social scientist that’s worth his salt, other than the shit-studied shysters your ilk prefers, will tell you that it’s done mostly by female mutilators, elder women being as responsible as men for transmitting and enforcing these societal norms. Which of course you won’t do, bc your corrupt, demented, evil ilk imports these people so they vote for you in return, accusing your victims of racism if they dare to object. *ucktard!


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