5. April 2018

Sometimes, only dead gays are good gays, particularly to progressives

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Screenshot-2018-4-5 Twitter.png

Let’s recapitulate:

  1. progressistas first spin this as a homophobic attack
    1. …so the peasants don’t get restless by more Muslim #diversity through immigration
    2. …to milk the dead for all they’re worth to comfort their second-favourite-most victim group in the democrat-voting coalition of the fringes

Now, after two years of careful consideration and tons of facts about the nature of the massacre having been present right away for any non-corrupt non-ReligionOfPeace-keeper, progressistas decide to concede the obvious by painting the broken spin as a case of domestic abuse and bigotry, making lemonade of lemons. Well played–thank god for our reputable, perceptive, and progressive journalists and scholars.




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