20. Mai 2018

что делать

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A recent two hour Munk debatte with Jordan Peterson, enraged, resentful POC Eric Dyson, semi-smart and semi-well-spoken SJW Michelle Goldberg, and suave, smart, and best-spoken SJW light deluxe Stephen Fry. Dyson is a 3/4-learned shyster with forceful, fluent, jive-ish diction, wallowing in the corny hurtz, feelz, and talking points of his class. Goldberg is cute, congenial, though a little less than candid, which comes with the territory when you’re a hardened SJW at heart.

I’d have no problem holding my own in writing or chatting yet countering professional speakers in vivo is hard. Peterson does a good job, aided by a sympathetic Fry, who is too smart and charming to ever act dumb. The dilemma of the ages: politics is rhetorics, networking, and inherited or vicarious influence–Joe Blow, even Joe Blow, PhD, mostly has neither of these things. So, что делать?


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