30. Dezember 2016

When the Neandertals left, they left us their best

We find that immune-responsive regulatory variants are enriched in population-specific signals of natural selection and show that admixture with Neandertals introduced regulatory variants into European genomes, affecting preferentially responses to viral challenges. Together, our study uncovers evolutionarily important determinants of differences in host immune responsiveness between human populations.

This is, of course, a #hatefact derived from #hatescience, as it helps to save lives through medical research but makes the very best of us feel miserable about themselves. It also foils their little racket funneling tax money to #socialengineering predicated on the premise that  there are no differences between populations* and if so they must be eradicated by funneling tax money to social engineering till they go away which they don’t. That scheme combining the beauty of a Rube Goldberg machine with the economic miracle of the perpetuum mobile–an inspired clusterf*ck of usefulness and, ugh, usefulness till the host is dead.

* which we must call populations if we must call them anything at all unless we celebrate their diversity and even then we should watch our language as a racket worth its salt needs muscle and protection

see also

Genetic Ancestry and Natural Selection Drive Population Differences in Immune Responses to Pathogens


30. November 2016

Less Is More

Steve Sailer mentioned this a while ago in passing–personal assistants are the new butlers to the progressive elite that’d be ashamed to go for the real deal. Like a majordomo these assistants render personal services and delegate menial tasks to the real new servant class, say Mexican pool boys or Ukrainian nannies. US elites eschew the traditional black servant nowadays, blacks resenting such jobs increasingly as being a reminder of past days of shame, their mostly non-black non-employers feeling something similar, though not exactly the same. Black crime rates aren’t lost on them, not at all, though being studiously ignored publicly. The likes of Steve Jobs or Madonna have (or did have) a tendency to work those horses, they don’t want to get too attached, and they wouldn’t want them to get too attached to their jobs.

6. April 2016

The Central Comitee of the European People’s Republic

…declares the abolition of its people:

Frans Timmermans, Dutch diplomat and Vice-President of the European Commission

Speech in the EU Fundamental Rights Colloquium 2015


Diversity is now in some parts of Europe seen as a threat. Diversity comes with challenges but diversity is humanity’s destiny. There is not going to be, even in the remotest places of this planet, a nation that will not see diversity in it’s future. That’s where humanity is heading and those politicians trying to sell to their electorates a society that is exclusively composed of one culture are trying to portray a future based on a past that never existed–therefore that future will never be. Europe will be diverse, like all other parts of the world will be diverse, the only question is how do we deal with that diversity–and my answer to that is: By ensuring that our values determine how we deal with diversity, and not giving up our values to refuse diversity–that will bring us down as a society. If we don’t get this right, I truly believe, Europe will not remain the Europe we built; Europe will not remain the place of peace and freedom for very long.

German translation:

Vielfalt wird derzeit in einigen Teilen von Europa als Bedrohung angesehen. Vielfalt bringt Herausforderungen mit sich, aber Vielfalt ist das Schicksal der Menschheit. Auch in den entlegensten Orten dieses Planeten wird es keine Nation geben, deren Zukunft nicht in der Vielfalt liegt. Dorthin strebt die Menschheit und diejenigen Politiker, die ihrer Wählerschaft eine Gesellschaft zu verkaufen versuchen, die ausschließlich aus einer Kultur besteht, versuchen eine Zukunft zu beschreiben, die auf einer Vergangenheit gründet, die es niemals gab – deswegen wird es diese Zukunft nie geben. Europa wird vielfältig sein, so wie alle anderen Teile der Welt vielfältig sein werden, die einzige Frage ist, wie wir diese Vielfalt handhaben – und meine Antwort darauf ist: Dadurch dass wir sicher stellen, dass unsere Werte bestimmen, wie wir mit Vielfalt umgehen, und dadurch dass wir unsere Werte nicht aufgeben indem wir Vielfalt ablehnen – das würde uns als Gesellschaft zerstören. Wenn uns dies nicht richtig gelingt, das glaube ich wirklich, wird Europa nicht das Europa bleiben, dass wir aufgebaut haben; dann wird Europa nicht mehr lang der Ort des Friedens und der Freiheit bleiben.


5. März 2016

just because you’re paranoid

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doesn’t mean they aren’t after you:

China’s effort to flush out threats to stability is expanding into an area that used to exist only in dystopian sci-fi: pre-crime. The Communist Party has directed one of the country’s largest state-run defense contractors, China Electronics Technology Group, to develop software to collate data on jobs, hobbies, consumption habits, and other behavior of ordinary citizens to predict terrorist acts before they occur. „It’s very crucial to examine the cause after an act of terror,“ Wu Manqing, the chief engineer for the military contractor, told reporters at a conference in December. „But what is more important is to predict the upcoming activities.“ The program is unprecedented because there are no safeguards from privacy protection laws and minimal pushback from civil liberty advocates and companies, says Lokman Tsui, an assistant professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who has advised Google on freedom of expression and the Internet.

ht slashdot

14. September 2015

Things Going Awry

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So not. He's ok now.

So not. He’s ok now.

My bedroom in SO36 has a nice rear view to a leafy green Berlin Hinterhof. The mostly Altbau lined side of the block mostly houses politer society (SO36 variety, not posh but with degrees. Urban gardening, faith healing etc, some go for harder stuff like social sciences, some are ok). The other side succumbed to Berlin’s Baumafia shenanigans of the 80ies, drab new concrete rules, fashionable with the other. That’s the kitchen’s vista, opposite the block’s only underground parking lot, the neon-lit entrance being popular with the hood. Cultural preferences. Politeers use the garage too, avoiding hooded company, if they can. The photo shows the aftermath of a cash based car deal gone wrong–the sturdy duped seller kept to his money with a vengeance, the determined fake buyer wouldn’t have it, and he had a knife.

An arquitect has an office nearby, so he uses that garage, though he, um, dislikes the entrance. He moved to Lichtenberg recently, as his wife was expecting. It’s ill-reputed as being Nazi-infested, but gentryfication will see to that. Also, Nazi-infested is code for awusefully non-diverse, depends on context. Late at a party, punch drunk, his teacher wife once dissed me for crimethink, loudly on purpose. Unlike her husband, she’s quite unbright to begin with. He supported her feebly, with measured words, argumentationsförmig* (think rechtsförmig**), because he’d much rather risk getting knifed than taking the 100% chance of getting ostracised and losing income. Some risks are mere statistical artifacts libz have to ignore for stats being cold & heartless. All the while moving to Lichtenberg. Cultural preferences. He doesn’t build houses, natch, he curates things progressive, so having his peers getting word of him not dissing when dissing is due partying in fancy trust-funded duplexes cum roof-deck isn’t an option–think of the children.

For non-German speakers:

* Jocular; in the manner of an argument (…but not an argument)

** In the manner of juridical reasoning (…but not quite the real thing). Jocular allusion to a term coined by bad ol‘ Schmittschnauze.*** Nazi jurist, yet very sharp.

*** A pun referring to former chancellor Helmut Schmidt, nicknamed „Schmidt-Schnauze“ (Schmidt, the loud mouth). Sharpish, though not all that sharp, but not a Nazi. After the war.

24. August 2015

NZ: causing someone „emotional distress“? Cough up up to NZ$50,000.

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digital communications causing “serious emotional distress” are as of now subject to an escalating regime that starts as “negotiation, mediation or persuasion” but reaches up to creating the offences of not complying with an order, and “causing harm by posting digital communication”.

The most serious offenders would face two years in jail or a maximum fine of NZ$50,000 (US$33,900).


it passed by a 116-to-5 vote in New Zealand’s parliament

Even more unbelievably, 4 of the 5 nays came from the Greens–credit where credit is due.

Gareth Hughes, one of the four Greens MPs to vote against the bill, said it was overly broad and “risks limiting our freedom of expression”.

Indeed. Anyway, there’s light at the end of the tunnel:

The regime will be enforced by a yet-to-be-established agency that will make contact with publishers and social media platforms, and if it can’t resolve a complaint, the agency will be able to escalate it to the district court.

So, plum post aplenty for lawyers and liberal arts majors. Who would’ve thunk?

9. Februar 2012

Peter Pomerantsev on Putin’s Hound

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British TV producer and filmmaker Peter Pomerantsev on Vladislav Surkov, the ‘Kremlin demiurge’. A haunting description of New Russia’s brave new world; cynical, indulgent, sybaritic, brutal, and with a surprising inclination for the occasional postmodernist quote to justify pleasure and pain.

The next act of Russian history is about to begin: Putin and Medvedev will pop off-stage into the Moscow green room, switch costumes, and re-emerge to play each other’s roles. Putin as president, again, Medvedev as PM. It’s the apotheosis of what has become known as ‘managed democracy’, and the ultimate triumph of the show’s writer-director, Putin’s chief ideologue and grey cardinal, Vladislav Surkov, the ‘Kremlin demiurge’. Known also as the ‘puppetmaster who privatised the Russian political system’, Surkov is the real genius of the Putin era. Understand him and you understand not only contemporary Russia but a new type of power politics, a breed of authoritarianism far subtler than the 20th-century strains.

Vladislav Surkov

Mr Bean he ain’t

There is something cherubic in Surkov’s soft, smooth face, something demonic in his stare. He trained as a theatre director then became a PR man; now his official role is ‘vice-head of the presidential administration’, but his influence over Russian politics is unsurpassed. He is the man behind the concept of ‘sovereign democracy’, in which democratic institutions are maintained without any democratic freedoms, the man who has turned television into a kitsch Putin-worshipping propaganda machine and launched pro-Kremlin youth groups happy to compare themselves to the Hitler Youth, to beat up foreigners and opposition journalists, and burn ‘unpatriotic’ books on Red Square. But this is only half the story.

In his spare time Surkov writes essays on conceptual art and lyrics for rock groups. He’s an aficionado of gangsta rap: there’s a picture of Tupac on his desk, next to the picture of Putin. And he is the alleged author of a bestselling novel, Almost Zero. ‘Alleged’ because the novel was published (in 2009) under the pseudonym Natan Dubovitsky – Surkov’s wife is called Natalya Dubovitskaya. Officially Surkov is the author of the preface, where he denies being the author of the novel, then makes a point of contradicting himself: ‘The author of this novel is an unoriginal Hamlet-obsessed hack’; later, ‘this is the best book I have ever read.’ In interviews he has come close to admitting to being the author while always pulling back from a complete confession. Whether or not he actually wrote every word of it he has gone out of his way to associate himself with it.

Read it here.

28. August 2010

On Analogies, Racism, and Things More Egregious

re: this wikipaedic heap of good and righteous thinking: Israel and the apartheid analogy

The ANC’s AIDS denialism claimed several hundred thousand of lives, on top of other hundred thousands, mostly Matabele, killed or starved to death by Mr Mugabe’s Shona power base–that Mr being ANC South Africa’s protegé, that finances Zimbabwes‘ economy almost on its own and backs it at the UN and OAU whenever it can. So the comparison to the Apartheid state, who killed about 2.000 in the course of the 40 years of its existence is unwarranted, even for those who have an axe to grind–ironically, for those in particular; a comparison to the ANC would be far more egregious.

anti-racist pacifist action

There’s more to it. (more…)

27. August 2010

Taboos Taking their Toll: Inbred Discourse

Former German politician turned Bundesbanker Thilo Sarrazin (G) gets a lot of flak lately. Among other things unpalatable to sensitive minders of other folk’s business, he allegedly supports eugenics and openly criticises consanguineous marriages among Muslim immigrants, as that would strain the health system excessively. While that is a scandal among the wardens of public discourse, no such qualms in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Reports The National:

first cousins, newlywed

screening urged to avoid risks of consanguinous unions–Recent talk about the regulation of Emirati marriages could have positive health implications for future generations.

At a majlis on Sunday evening, religious and community leaders discussed the idea of regulating marriages. Among the proposed regulations was the idea of screening couples for hereditary diseases. However, proposed restrictions for Emiratis marrying foreigners could also limit the gene pool. (more…)

26. September 2009

A Beauty and the Beast

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A young Romanian, remarkable any which way. And she’s pissed. For once, thank God for EU enlargement. Give the video some minutes to grow on you.

More of the same. There’s luv for creationists, too. Feminism? STFU is not an option for a gal with gall and cojones. So you thought they don’t mak’em anymore like that? Wrongo, bozo.

Related links:

Her video on US creationist Kirk Cameron just got „posted on modfkkin Huff Post,“ she twitters–overly bright they are not. Scienceblogs has noted her, too: „This is hardly a fair fight. Cristina has about ten times the brains of Kirk.“ „Kirk Cameron has a brain?“ one commenter wonders. She’s also got a blog: Precocious is the word you’re looking for.

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