20. Mai 2018

что делать

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A recent two hour Munk debatte with Jordan Peterson, enraged, resentful POC Eric Dyson, semi-smart and semi-well-spoken SJW Michelle Goldberg, and suave, smart, and best-spoken SJW light deluxe Stephen Fry. Dyson is a 3/4-learned shyster with forceful, fluent, jive-ish diction, wallowing in the corny hurtz, feelz, and talking points of his class. Goldberg is cute, congenial, though a little less than candid, which comes with the territory when you’re a hardened SJW at heart.

I’d have no problem holding my own in writing or chatting yet countering professional speakers in vivo is hard. Peterson does a good job, aided by a sympathetic Fry, who is too smart and charming to ever act dumb. The dilemma of the ages: politics is rhetorics, networking, and inherited or vicarious influence–Joe Blow, even Joe Blow, PhD, mostly has neither of these things. So, что делать?


16. Mai 2018

US Muslims

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US Muslims: ~3.3 millions (Pew estimate)
US Iranians: 500,000 to 2 million (estimates vary, mostly refugees from the Islamic revolution and descendants)

They may well be the cause for seemingly liberal and civic-minded attitude of US Muslims, (polls say so) it’s certainly not the Black Muslims, Dearborn Arabs, or Minnesota Somali FOBs.

14. Mai 2018

White trash

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Nick Rafter, @NRafter:
No, it’s not that they hate themselves, They feel protected from the worst of misogyny by being close to the source. Sort of like Serena Joy in The Handmaid’s Tale. Don’t forget, 53% of white women voted for a man who admitted to sexually assaulting white women.

Marek Möhling:
> a man who admitted to sexually assaulting white women

What disingenuous, half-brained crêpe. Trump bragged that he, being rich and famous *gets* to grab p*ussies. Most self-respecting male rock stars said and did the same, the grabbees having a name: groupies. He implied that he fondled consenting adults–that he didn’t is the most uncharitable interpretation, a rhetorical sleight of hands by progtard brainiacs. As such you may not like the attitude, you may argue that it’s „sexist“ or „misogynist,“ but you may not make stuff up.

So 53% of white women that you detest so much for being white humans of a kind that’s inferior to you and your equally white ilk did not vote for a man who admitted to sexually assaulting white women.

If you need to despise women who like 50 shades of patriarchal repression very much, thank you, check women in Muslim or African countries, where rates of female genital mutilation go up to 98% of female pop like in Somalia.

Any social scientist that’s worth his salt, other than the shit-studied shysters your ilk prefers, will tell you that it’s done mostly by female mutilators, elder women being as responsible as men for transmitting and enforcing these societal norms. Which of course you won’t do, bc your corrupt, demented, evil ilk imports these people so they vote for you in return, accusing your victims of racism if they dare to object. *ucktard!

3. Mai 2018

Of Breeders and Mice

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Those who don’t breed die out–that’s what it’s for. The more reserves and leisure a society has the more it can experiment, but the more the non-breeders experiment, the more the breeders take over. The pill gave us freedom, but we squander it by not reproducing, obviously there’s a middle ground. I don’t find the link anymore, but experimenters once wired sexual receptors in rodent spines and put switches in their cages, one for food and water, the other for orgasms. They all starved to death for incessantly booping one button with their noses. There’s too much of a good thing.

2. Mai 2018

On Crap

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If I think that ~99% of (…social) science is crap, that will apply to its theoretical framework, too. If Rose, Kamin, Lewontin are wilfully misrepresenting research so social engineers can engineer away inequality endlessly to extract rents from the state and donors, both deluded and/or corrupt, I’m not likely to value their contributions to any branch of science, real or imaginary.

Also, to make that clear, I’m not interested in the practice of pseudo-intellectual self-indulgence. The corrupt have discovered that by importing themselves the helpless, dumb, and corrupt they can corrupt the present order of society and economy, making a livelihood for themselves in the act pretending to help and care. I want this to stop. Full stop. Just this. Once they stop they can circle-jerk in their mom’s basement or faculty dorms to their heart’s content as long as they provide for their expenses by flipping burgers or whatever it is they actually can contribute in the real world.

(sorry for being so rude as you always remain civil, but I’m having quite enough of these shenanigans)

21. April 2018

Inbreeding II

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> So when you refer to those countries and religions ‘inbreeding’ you’re only talking about when cousins mate. Right?

That’s the most common form, particularly in Muslim countries that had been Arabised culturally through conquest or trade. Among them marrying your father’s nieces is the most common form by far as it helps preserving the clan’s resources in patrilineal line. I understand that this practice is genetically particularly detrimental. The preferred scientific choice of words is consanguineous marriage which is a mouthful, „inbreeding“ gets understood by everyone–I don’t mince my words anymore.


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> You seem to be jumping back and forth between ethnicity and race.

(text at

I wrote about societal structures and its indices. You may assume that I see correlations and causations regarding ethnicity and race but I hardly was „jumping back and forth“ between these topics, that’s a misrepresentation.

> amazingly ethnically diverse

The settlers that built the US institutions for centuries where almost exclusively English and German, with a smattering of Scots and Scandinavians. Peoples that raided each other and later traded and interbred with each other for 2000 years, closely related culturally, socially, religiously, and ethnically. No Arabs, Chinese, Muslims, Hindus, or even South or East Europeans from across the Hajnal line–they would profit later from what the settlers built. The few blacks and Indians had no bearing whatsoever on the particular US way of structuring law, trade, parliament, and federal/state relations. Nothing amazingly „diverse“ there, as today’s new interest groups would like to relabel it–Northern Europeans with a particular bent on individualism and industry doing their thing. Cavaliers from the South who did things a bit differently got their brains bashed in and their societal quirks upended by the Yankees.

We find „amazing ethnic diversity“ in Brazil, South Africa, or the Balkans, not my cup of tea though corrupt and power-drunk oligarchs like it: Manchester capitalism all over, employers and share owners ruling supreme with Mickey Mouse governance. The best the West can hope for is the Singapore multicultural model–authoritarian rule by the dominant group but no corruption and a thriving economy. Even that isn’t to my liking and with mass immigration from Muslim, Latin, and African countries we won’t even have that

20. April 2018


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Inbreeding is a defined medical and social problem.[1] If two white Europeans (or pink Africans, green Muslims or polka-dotted Ashkenasim) mate with their cousins…


…that’s inbreeding and bears a small risk for the health of their children. If their families do that for centuries, as eg the Hapsburgs did in Europe (see pictures below) and as is the norm for 30-60% of families in eg Islamic countries these risks compound massively with results as in Morocco cited above. I wish them all the best bc their pain is not my gain but I want these people do deal with that without bothering me.

What’s funny is that increasingly they deal with this openly and rationally, cf [2]. If we suggested they do what they increasingly are actually doing–checking genetically for inbreeding and aborting affected foetuses–that would be labelled as racist and social Darwinist by the new left. Thanks but no thanks.

19. April 2018

re monoethnic societies

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> monoethnic society
There is no such thing, even Japan has some millions Koreans, Burakumin, Ainu and others, may be North Korea comes close. For the sake of expediency I use the…

(text at

…label multicultural/multiethnic/religious which implies only verbally an monocultural opposite.

In practice there are no such platonic ideals, only approximations on a spectrum–on one side countries like Brazil, India, South Africa, the Balkans, most African or Muslim states, and many other South American countries who are either considerably corrupt, authoritarian, (by Western standards) or unequal (cf GINI index)

At the other extreme are Western countries with ethnic/cultural majorities between maybe 80-99% (eg ~80% whites in the USA, in EU mostly ~99%) till the 70/80ies, when the oligarchs began pushing mass immigration from the third world. There are commonly accepted indices for corruption, authoritarian structures, and inequality, the distribution is known and not disputed. I won’t make individual data based comparisons between eg Serbia and the Netherlands or Brazil and Japan to prove that one set is badly governed, that’s IMO pointless.


Immigration in Europe, Cont.

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From among the so called refugees in Germany since 2015 only a few percent attended (officially obligatory) language courses or learned a trade, we got the worst of the worst. The Turks that came from ca 1967-73 were labourers of acceptable diligence though mostly lacking education. They came bc of a sordid deal, Turkey was an important NATO-alley at the time and demanded it, they got backing by the US. The German industry used the unforeseen opportunity to delay costly modernisation, the used them as stoop labourers for dirty work with outdated machinery.

Many farmers in eg US/FR/IT/ES still employ stoop labour, too, to fend off costs for modern machinery, also, some crops still need manual labour–Mexicans/Latinos do this in the US and in Spain, North Africans in EU. Other industries are construction, gastronomy and menial many services like hair dressers, taxi drivers, etc. Employers of low grade manual labour skim off the best and foist the many unemployables on the taxpayer–privatising profits of globalisation and socialising costs. On top of that there are many other ways for private businesses to profit from illicit rip-offs using migrants, that’s a sideline of the immensely corrupt welfare sector.

The interest groups above (there are others…) profess

a) we need workers
b) open borders as a moral cause

for obvious reasons. On top of that even migrants on welfare are consumers whose expenses get paid by taxes–practically subsidies for those industries (consumer goods) and service providers (housing, medical services, communication, TV etc) that care for them.

On top of all that come ideological interests of the new left and tactical/strategical interests of the EU bureaucracy and the corporate sector–both oligarchies want to do away with the nation state for different reasons, so they elect themselves a new people without loyalty to the old social order.

Another interest group are the new minorities who distrust majorities for many reasons.  (and vice versa) Particularly if they come from clan-based societies they tend to prefer minority rule like in Syria (Shiites and other non-Sunnies rule over the Sunni majority) or Iraq. (under Saddam Sunnies and other minorities did rule over the Shia majority) The can’t help but to Balkanise society–that’s why they are so useful for the corrupt left and the oligarchs. Even worse, they’re backed by their countries of origin who want to expand into Europe.

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